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In the first house.: Emaciated figure, weak constitution, much perspiration, weak-hearted, slender, piles, sexual indulgence, diplomatic.

Second house.: Bad speaker, quiet, quick in perception, peevish, hard-hearted, thrifty and economical.

Third house.: Adventurous, strong, artistic, wealthy, popular.

Fourth house.: Quarrelsome, licentious, weak, fear of poisons.

Fifth house.: Liberal, loss of children, sinful, immoral if afflicted.

Sixth house.: Fond of adultery, good conversationalist, licentious, venereal complaints, learned.

Seventh house.: Passionate, sinful, connections with widows, sickly wife.

Eighth house.: Senseless, obscure, dull, sanguine complexion, piles and similar troubles.

Ninth house.: Short-sighted, sinful, untruthful, thrifty, many children, good wife.

Tenth house.: Fertile brain, happy, religious, pilgrimage to sacred rivers and places, fond of scriptures.

Eleventh house.: Humorous, witty, licentious, intelligent, wealthy.

Twelfth house.: Capricious, unsettled mind, foreign residence, attracted to servile classes, much traveling, licentious, spiritual knowledge.
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